Squidea The Sky, With Diamonds

First off, many people on here will notice (or maybe not) that I have a new link up down near the middle of the page. Feel free to go look, I’ll wait.

Yeah, that link. You see it? No? The one below that, says “Squidea“? Yeah, that link.

Squidea is a new web design and graphics team run by Andrew and Christine Boyd, recent James Madison University grads. They are an exciting new team and I look forward to seeing their designs around the web. Hmm… you’re not impressed, I can see that. Well, how’s this for thought:

Christine Boyd is the woman I am asking my publisher (since Kurt Miller is unavailable) to let do the cover art and design for Corruptor.

Oh, so now you’re interested… well, go give them a look. They have a severe Mac addiction (they’ve almost got me convinced to buy a new iPhone) but know their stuff. Best of all, if you refer a friend to them they’ll give you 5% of the cost of the website. As an added bonus, they also donate a good chunk of their profits to charity.

Go take a gander.

I have a question for the struggling authors out there: when you look up into the night sky, what do you see? I’m curious to hear, and I promise I won’t laugh or ridicule anyone. Feel free to post your response in the comments section. If you don’t want it public, mention that in the comments and I won’t post it.

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