Friday I’m In Love…

It’s Friday! Do you know what that means?

Neither do I, actually. Just a few notes today about other people. Not nearly as exciting as it could be but hey, I’m easy to please.

First off, congratulations to Larry Correia. I interviewed him a few months back and this past week he hit the NYT bestseller list with his novel, Monster Hunter Vendetta. We reviewed it over at Shiny Book Review a week or so ago and it’s an astoundingly good follow up. And if that wasn’t enough, he’s been contacted about writing a bunch of short stories set in the Monster Hunter universe. He’s becoming a busy man.

Next, I will be out of town the last weekend of October (28-31), so SBR and here won’t have any updates from me. Please don’t email me asking about things during that time, because I probably won’t be able to respond until I get back and (some people) might grow annoyed at waiting for a response for so long. Barb should be around at SBR, but no guarantees. I’m not even sure I’ll have internet access, and I definitely won’t have my desktop (aka GodComputer 3.5) with me.

Third, my friend Daniel was just nominated for the Top 100 donut places in the US and will be featured in some upcoming “Donut War” episode on the Food Network. He’s been through a hellacious year, with his house burning down and the economy nearly killing his business. But Blue Collar Joe’s has pressed on and Daniel’s persistence has finally started to pay off. So I guess another congratulations are in order…

Fourthly, I heard from TTB that an artist was contracted to do the book cover for Corruptor. I’m in contact with him about some ideas I had (hey, he asked). Let’s hope it comes out how I envision things…

And finally, this is the last weekend of A Bad Year For Tomatoes, the play I am currently in. I’m of two minds here. First, it’s the last weekend and the cast and crew has been an absolute blast to work with. I’ll miss them tremendously, since this is my last play until next summer (at least). On the other hand, I can finally sit down and finish Wraithkin, as well as the Christian Cole rewrites.

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