Good Morning!

Well, I did promise to work on one of the short stories I had due. Unfortunately, instead of working on the Catechisms story, I found myself working on the Adventurers in Hell story, In the Shadow of Paradise. Still, considering that the story is almost at completion, I don’t feel too bad about that now. A little edit, some cleaning up and it’s looking good. Now I just need to slip Baal in there somehow and the setup for the next story, For Whom Does Baal Toll? is prepared.

Yes, I am that cool.

I realized that my move date was incorrect; I’ll be moving the weekend of June 3. So next Monday on, my posting may be sporadic for a bit. I’m excited and nervous, since (as previously mentioned) I don’t like to move. However, it’s good for me to do this, especially with the job in hand once I get there.

I may have missed it, but last night on National Geographic, a bunch of writers and scientists I know were on a special called When Aliens Attack. It starred Dr. Travis S. Taylor, Dr. Bob Boan, author John Ringo, while starring author Michael Z. Williamson‘s daughter, Morrigan Sanders (at least, I’m pretty sure she’s starred in it). It went over well from what I hear, so I have it programmed to be recorded on Tuesday when it airs again. That’ll be cooooool.

Not much else going on. It is a Monday, after all.

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