TV Moment

Okay, so I watched my prerequisite television today (DVR’d When Aliens Attack, which featured some great people I know like John Ringo, Travis S. Taylor and Bob Boan, as well as caught the season finale of Glee) and I couldn’t get the feeling out of my head that this summer is going to be nothing but work work work. This is good, mind you, as I’ll finally get all those projects I needed to get done finished.

My thoughts on the two shows:

  • When Aliens Attack is interesting but nothing new. SF writers and Defense Dept officials have been poring through data like this since the 1960’s, though. However, one aspect that the scientists touched on (and something I harped on when this argument first arose in 2006) was that unless there is compensation for giving birth and “breeding”, most Western Civilization females are not going to want to be forced to have kids. Sure, you’ll get a few who recognize how important this is, but there will be quite a few survivors who will not be fully on board with any idea of “survival”. This is also covered a bit in Ringo’s The Last Centurion, about the lack of trust and sense of “tribal” emotions in people.
  • Glee was not surprising nor very original. After all, they technically have one more year of “high school” together. If they’d have won anything I would have been shocked. Their original songs were nothing impressive, and I hope that their writers get their act together and come up with something original. Next season they’re going to wipe the slate clean (again) and try to come up with some compelling plot lines. One of the hardest things to pull off? Continuing to make Mark Salling look under 30. If I were writing the show, I think I’d be thinking about bringing in younger members. A few freshmen and so on. I mean, is it me, or isn’t it odd that the Glee Club has nothing but the same grade high schoolers in it? Once again, as I told the producers at CBS (for NCIS), Fox — I’m available and work cheap. And there is a ton of ways to keep the show interesting. For example, you’ve got American Idol singers who are younger than the actors on Glee. Would it be terribly difficult to find some younger bodies to throw into the club?

Other than that, I’m primarily preparing to move. I didn’t realize I had this much crap. Throwing it away is going to be fun.

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