Lady in Red

Close, but she looks too happy for the woman I had in mind...

For some reason, the title “A Sonnet of Flame” came to mind yesterday when I was walking home. I had this image of a woman with a short sword in one hand, and a dead rose in the other, standing in the middle of a burnt and ruined field with bodies all around her. I automatically called her “Bloody” Marie Merrilac, scorned woman and destroyer of known worlds.

What the hell, right?

I have no idea where this woman came from, the title, or the image, and there’s really no concept behind it, but man… it just seemed really cool, this woman with the eye patch (yes, she has an eye patch), black/blue hair and bloody sword. Oh, and wearing red leather (really, I have NO idea…).

Yeah, ideas do smack writers in the face sometimes out of nowhere. I just wish a story had followed this idea…

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