Home for Wayward Characters

Word count for the week: 0

Yeah, that’s a big fat “zero” in productivity this week. 10% of a book undone. I haven’t even opened a word file this week except for a few minutes the other day when I was going over a fellow author’s story.

I expected to be a little unproductive, but man… what the hell? It’s like I’m taking a baseball bat to a kitten and screaming “The joke’s not funny!’ (I would never take a baseball bat to a kitten… it would get me in my sleep before I could accomplish the assassination attempt). Even in the realm of fascinating news this week, the most interest I could muster is a single “Meh” about the possibility that neutrinos move faster than the speed of light.

Which is really cool, but still… meh.

…by the way, there’s still no story for that “Lady in Red” thing. I thought that there might be but alas, I was incorrect. There still might be. Eventually. One day. But for now, I’ll just file her away with all the others (this is number 97 by my rough estimate). Hopefully she won’t kill any of the others in there (though I suspect her and a few others might form some semi-erotic chick group and start splattering blood everywhere…).

I can see the headline now: “Crazy Woman in Red Leather Slaughters Orphanage of Wayward Characters”

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