Really quickly:

  • Last chance to enter the Shiny Book Review contest for a free copy of Ari Marmell’s Thief’s Covenant from Pyr Books. The review is here (hint: I liked it) and you can like us over on Facebook (yes, we have a page there… call us sellouts if you like). On the Facebook page, tell us why you are the most deserving (or undeserving, for our resident future evil overlords out there) to win the book.
  • I will be unable to attend Mysticon this year. I mentioned this last week and circumstances have not changed. However, I already asked them to pencil me in for 2013 (assuming the Mayans merely ran out of space and are incorrect about the world ending and all that jazz…) and I’m still a go for MidSouthCon. So… yay?
  • Many works in progress. You know I’m on Twitter, right? On the right hand side of this page shows all my twits (tweets?). Pay special attention to the hashtag #Wraithkin, because that book is moving along at a steady pace while its sequels are being outlined and plotted. This is probably going to be a trilogy (though there may be expansion later, since there are other enemies out there who do not get their just desserts) so stay tuned.
  • That being said, I’m also working on a short story for possible individual publication (or I may just give it away, who knows) based on the universe involving the Dominion of Man’s founder and first emperor, David, and his rise from obscure captain in the Caliphate’s army to the most powerful warlord since Genghis Kahn. That is a story of brutality, loyalty and faith (with lots of boomies interspersed). Rough title: Behemoth of Man.

I swear I’m trying to keep up here, but work, book reviews, writing (which is why most of you come here in the first place) and that little thing called sleep (of which I see less and less of lately) has prevented me from updating every day. I’ll get better as time goes on (and work becomes less stressful).

Oh, and by the way, no Hugo/Nebula thingy this year. I didn’t write a story that was strong enough (in my opinion) and I really don’t want to whore pimp sell campaign for myself anyway.

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