A Sunday Off

Over at Shiny Book Review we had a contest. Only 7 people entered, so choosing the winner was rather easy. We took an advanced randomization table, inserted a linear graph to calculate, used a high-tech algorithm to determine that our randomness was completely random, and then we drew straws to see which program would run first. Suffice to say, Clement Armitage was not eligible for the book (being dead and all that). So we had to try again and the winner will be revealed on Monday. This person is still living (fortunately… that’d be awkward explaining how they won) and their book will be shipped later next week.

A rare Sunday off, so I’ll be writing today. Then eating. Then writing some more. Also, Larry is promoting another book bomb (why he doesn’t book bomb me is beyond me — but then again, I haven’t written a new book in a few years now…), a Dan Wells novel. You might want to check it out (I Am Not A Serial Killer was a great book, Partials looks to be even better).

Okay, enough dilly dallying. Time to get cracking. Wraithkin isn’t going to wait forever…

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