Quack Quack Quack

I really feel what Amanda is talking about here. We authors forget that oftentimes, the middleman is more of a gatekeeper these days than the gatekeepers (traditional and non-traditional publishers) are.

This article was reblogged from Mad Genius Club and is their property. I did not steal it, merely helping them spread the word.

Mad Genius Club

by Amanda S. Green

No, that’s not me fondly imagining going to the duck pond and a warm Spring afternoon. That’s fun and brings back wonderful memories of when my son was little and we’d head out to the park to feed the ducks. No, the quack, quack, quack is the sound I hear in my mind whenever I read the latest diatribe against Amazon or when I read the rantings against Paypal, and by association Smashwords, right now.

Let’s start with Amazon. Once more, the slings and arrows are being aimed at Amazon. Why? Because it’s acting like a business. A week or so again, IPG (Independent Publishers Group) announced that Amazon had failed to accept its side of contract negotiations and had stopped selling IPG e-books. A round of outraged howls ran through the industry. How dare Amazon stop selling e-books it no longer had a contract in…

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