Saturday Posting Storm

It’s Saturday and I am very pleased to announce that I survived the super storm that hit Kentucky yesterday.

I got a little bit of hail, lots of rain and some freaked out kitties. To the north and south of us, not so lucky. Remember, donate blood people. It’ll help.

Other than that, just the usual combination of work, writing and sleeping. Book reviews are going-ish, with a few more scheduled this coming week. No news on the publishing front (waiting to hear back about the release dates for Rogues in Hell and Sha’Daa: Pawns). I’m currently reading Kate Paulk’s ConVent, a funny story about a vampire (a real one) at a SF/F Con. Then I get to dig into Robert A. Hoyt’s Cat’s Paw. I love Hoyt’s Ninja Nun webcomic, which is a very unapologetic and witty cartoon, so I have very high hopes for Cat’s Paw.

And for those of you who don’t know, Robert Hoyt is the eldest child of accomplished (and award winning) SF/F author Sarah Hoyt. Yeah, apple/tree analogy that I’m too lazy to explain right now. Suffice to say, it’s hard on me when I have to admit that one of my favorite authors (Sarah) might not be the best writer in her family (seriously).

Speaking of Sarah, go read this blog post of hers now. It breaks down the Amazon/IPG/SFWA argument in neat, concise lines.

That was your Saturday appetizer…

Edit (Sun 12:58 PM EST): Kate Paulk wrote ConVent, not Amanda Green. I can’t seem to figure out who wrote what anymore these days. And to think, I run a book review site…

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