C-4 and a Smile

Brief note today since I’m still feeling under the weather.

Only seven more days until MidSouthCon. Looking forward to meeting lots of new people and establishing new contacts. I’ve been sitting on the publishing sidelines (as it were) for the past two years, and I think it’s time to venture back into the madness of agent hunting.

It’s not as though I feel I would be hurt not having one, but there are a few doors which remain closed despite the day and age, and I would like those doors to be opened. Nevermind that I really don’t need it to be open. I just want to opportunity should I ever decide to go that route with, say, Random House or Scholastic (I don’t think Christian Cole would be a good fit at either place, but an agent might convince me otherwise…).

I, for one, do not like doors being closed to me. They remind me too much of what my childhood was like. Thankfully, I’ve matured over the years and will not be kicking in the door and breaking sh*t like I used to do.

See, this is why I need an agent. He (or she, let’s not be misogynistic, Jason) should be the one kicking down the door and breaking everything for me. That’s what they do (in my mind, at least. I’m certain my perception of reality is still skewed somewhat), right? Or do they just open doors? I forget.

(I so want to see an agent with a block of C4 telling me “Don’t worry, I got this” while standing outside a locked door… my mind, tis a terrible place)


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