April 27, 2012

I Got Nothing

Feeling a bit melancholy today, so I went ahead and started listening to music from the Final Fantasy series. You know, that game series that pretty much shaped my formative years (okay, Final Fantasy III and beyond)? Yeah, that one.

Hey, speaking of, if it’s called Final Fantasy, why are there fourteen games in the series? I always wondered…

…and now my playlist decided on Apocalyptica’s version of Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters”. Yeah, even my computer is being melancholy.

Yes, ooh shiny moment. Anyhow…

I’m not sure about my summer convention schedule at the moment, mainly because I have a few deadlines looming (10! Motherfreakin’ 10!!! What the hell was I on when I agreed to all these?!?!!?) and I’m beginning to think I might be a little late on a few of them. The main ones need to be finished by June 1, but fortunately those are three short stories that I am (more or less) about finished with. The scary ones that are looking to screw up my con schedule are The Green Jewel, The Midnight CrewFailsafe and Wraithkin (Failsafe and Wraithkin both need to be in the hands of someone other than myself by the end of summer and holy crap I am so behind). Then I really need to finish Orchimedes, start Wraithguard, convince Corruptor’s publisher to pick up Obliterator, get with one of my coauthors about our collab project (still untitled but pretty much being written as I speak), finish Of Sloth and Woe… dear God, this is getting crazy.

I need a drink just from reading all that.

On the plus side… uh, yeah. I got nothing.

Here’s a picture of my cat.

Not sure if this is my cat or if I am his human.

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  1. Well good luck with your publishers… but if you want to know why they call them final fantasy, its because square soft (square enix now) were about to close up… they were really not making any money… so they decided to go down fighting… they put all their energy on one last game… final fantasy.
    and look at them now… they are the most profitable, and they even bought Edios… cool huh?
    Peace 🙂

  2. First of all, you’re his human.
    Second of all, you got this. If I can do everything I do, you can do a list of deadlines and a few conventions. I promise.


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