September 22, 2012

Now Write!

I tore a hole in my finger last night and it sucks. However, I am not letting that deter me from writing today. I’m pulling one of my rare “Sleep is for the dead” days and trying to achieve a goal of 3,000 newly written words (no, blogging doesn’t count). So far I’m at… uh… 250.

Well, f***.

However, Nightwalker only needs about 1500 words more or so before it goes to the editor, so I’ll have to find something else to work on. Yes, I should have made completing Nightwalker my primary goal, with the 3K secondary. I don’t think like normal people, so whatever, right?


Damn, typing sucks when your finger is throbbing every time you punch the keyboard.

No pain, no gain.

Now write!

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