Sharpening Knives

Nightwalker is going to crack 10,000 words. The Editor… will not be pleased. It won’t be more than 10,500 (I hope) so here’s to getting it done.

Besides, aren’t editors around to neuter shorten stories for authors? I’m certain it’s in the contract somewhere…

Delving more and more into the Plantagenet/Tudor dynastic reigns as I gear up for Wraithkin and Wraithlord. I hate ripping off historical stuff to use in novels but the events leading up to Henry VII’s reign and how he got there happens to coincide with how I’m doing the first two books of the series. It went from a short story about a warrior cursed with genetic impurities in some far-flung future to an epic space opera. I don’t kn0w how it happened, though I do know I can partially blame my new found love of English history, specifically the Tudor dynasty. I currently have three books open to the subject, including Alison Weir’s popular Wars of the Roses. It’s a very interesting book and, as usual, I like Weir’s style. Less textbook and more engaging. More nonfiction writers need to write this way.

Anyhow, was watching Braveheart this morning and realized that my head was hurting from how often I was rolling my eyes. It’s a cinematic masterpiece, true. But it’s also incorrect enough to drive a historian batty, most specifically how Edward III was the son of William Wallace. *eye roll*

…and don’t get me started on Scots and their kilts in that movie…

Time to wrap up some stories and get them off to various editors. I hear them sharpening their knives impatiently.

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