I officially have a minor quibble with the film making process now.

Why can’t they get military movies right?

The military operates the same as a set does: hurry up and wait.

“Everyone get in position. Okay, now wait! The sun’s not right! Move the scrim! Wait! Props need to be passed out. Okay, now ready. Okay, we’re holding… holding… okay, hurry up with that set piece! Wait!”

I guess I was the only one noting this during the shoot, since I guessed maybe one of person on set may have had military experience. Most of the extras seemed to be models or actors trying to break into the business. Me? I’m the writer who thought it might be fun to spend a day on set (haven’t spent a day on a movie set since Seabiscuit 10+ years ago… well, not counting when I was at The Reaper’s Image set a few months back. That was a very indy project.) and have no intention on becoming an actor.

I was on the set yesterday (a 14 hour day) for the movie production of 50 to 1, the story of the race horse Mine That Bird’s longshot win at the 2009 Kentucky Derby. It’s a tremendous story (and features one of my favorite jockey’s, Calvim Borrell.) and looks like it’s going to be a funny, heartwarming story. Plus, Skeet Ulrich (Jericho) stars in it.

Yeah, it didn’t take a lot of convincing to make me go.

I ended up being in the majority of the final scene’s shot, just off to the left of the horse portraying Mine That Bird. It was funny because the director was telling us to “Remember, you’re here in the winner’s circle and you’re thrilled. You either have a lot of money like the NBC guy up there, or are the governor, or slept with the right person in order to be here. Be ecstatic!”

I started laughing at that and then Calvin kept going on (he’s a funny, funny guy) and that made the final scene go faster. Skeet is a very intense actor and I got to meet Todd Lowe (Terry from True Blood), who is a really f’ing cool guy. Anybody who reads The Onion and can crack jokes about random stuff like myself gets high marks from me. All in all, a good day.

Plus, I got paid and IMDB credit. That’ll add to my professional resume.

Just got word on a story that the editor loved it and wanted a few minor changes. Fixed changes and sent it back off, so I should have a contract in hand by the end of the night. That just added to the awesome of the week, and since it’s only Tuesday, the week can only get more awesomer, right?

Yes, it’s a word and no, I’m not proving it.

Ed: Contract received for Nightwalker, which is going to be in the Terror By Gaslight horror anthology due out sometime next year. Woot!

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