Getting The Point

Tomorrow I’m going down to Louisville, KY for my second major motion picture movie role (undoubtedly Extra #1,298), so my quasi-usual Tuesday review won’t be up until Wednesday. I’m torn because while I need to review Partials by Dan Wells, I also need to review Sygillis of Metatron by Ben Garcia. However, what’s making it very difficult is that I want to review David Weber’s A Beautiful Friendship, which I picked up last week. The Partials review won’t be very promising, though it was fairly entertaining for 2/3 of the book, and the title of the Garcia book makes me think automatically of a Transformers movie. Weber, meanwhile, just showed me that if he would take out 75% of the math/nerdy infodump “look at my naval knowledge” from a Honor Harrington novel, he’d be bigger than Rowling. But… alas, needs must and all that.

Submitted another horror story last night (“Wake”), right before the deadline (if someone says their deadline is October 15, then dammit, the deadline is midnight October 15) which was a rush to write. I haven’t written that much in such a short time since I busted out the first two Christian Cole books four years ago. I’m coming up to the point now that I actually have written more horror than anything else, which is… pause… frightening.

Yeah, that was bad.

So now we wait, wonder, and I get back to… uh… Wraithkin. This book refuses to write itself, and I feel like I’m trying to squeeze a watermelon out of my… well, you get the point.

One thought on “Getting The Point

  1. Is it bad that I sorta want to watch you squeeze this watermelon out of your ear? You did mean ear, right?

    Also, I was zombie #846 once. But not in a movie as big as yours.

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