Good News

Good news on the war front: sold another short story this week.

Wake, a dark, creepy horror story with a bit of a humorous bent, is going to see print sometime in 2013. I’m still waiting on official word, but I have a hard “yes” from them, which is nice to have.

This is good stuff, since it raises my stories sold count to five this year (and I’m waiting to hear back on two more).

Back to your regularly scheduled broadcast.

One thought on “Good News

  1. Congrats, Jason!

    I wish I had anywhere near that level of success this year with regards to short fiction; I had another story returned with really nice comments, but no sale. I am taking comfort in the fact that the comments *were* good and that they indicated that the story was read and appreciated.

    Better than nothing, I know.

    Anyway, congrats again! 🙂

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