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Another Book Release

Still at the farm, and realizing that I miss being out here with my friends. I’m doing some writing, but with Google Drive/Docs being a little screwy, I’m not in my usual “flow” of things. On the other hand, I’m writing. So… eh?

I’ll be back to regular posting this Friday. I’ll also be back to regular reviews over at SBR next week. I have John Ringo’s Tiger by the Tail and a few others.

Also, Dreams of Steam 4: Gizmos is out at Amazon. I can’t find a good image of it online, so that’ll come later. But here is a link to buy. It’s in paperback and hardback right now for a reasonable price. I’m not sure when the ebook will come out though. My story, “The Finder’s Keeper”, is (I think) the last story of the book. You really should buy it. The power of steampunk compels you!

Wait, that’s not right…

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