Freehold Available

Three and a half years ago, I listed Michael Z. Williamson’s Freehold as one of the most influential books I’ve ever read. That still remains true to this day.

Today Freehold is available for free on Kindle over at Amazon. “Yeah, cool, so?” you might say. Well, there’s another reason I’m posting this as well.

A limited edition hardcover run is currently going on for this book.

A little “rumored” backstory here…

Freehold was published on Dec 30, 2003. If you know how the publishing industry works, you may be aware that the 3 weeks after Christmas is where new books go to die. It is probably the worst time of the year to be book buying, despite all the gift cards given out for Christmas. Not sure why, personally.

But Freehold was also released only as a mass market paperback, and not a hardcover. When the parallel “sequel” came out (The Weapon) came out almost 2 years later, it sold well enough that more books in the series were contracted for. But… no love for Freehold was given. The Weapon, you see, was released as a hardcover. Freehold was left alone like the redheaded stepchild nobody really loved (because gingers get a freckle for every soul they steal… so it’s said).

Ten years later, Baen Books has finally fixed that little oversight and is releasing the hardcover, autographed version of Freehold for people to buy. You should buy it. Or at least help jack up the rank on Amazon by “buying” the free copy on Kindle. I mean, what’s not to like? It’s got a love story, sacrifice, betrayal, a strong, independent female character, action, suspense, sex, food (yeah, foodies would love this book, because they’ll want to try to make some of the dishes talked about inside). C’mon, damn it. Pick up your copy today.

One thought on “Freehold Available

  1. “Bought” the Kindle copy 😀 Though I do believe I probably have the hard copy on my TBR shelf(shelves) from where Gerry stacked up a bunch of books at B&N and handed them to me and said, “Go check out now!” LOL

    Hopefully I’ll read it soon 😀

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