Brief Random Update

Random late night update!

Brad Torgersen (really nice guy and author) recently talked about his decision to publish with Baen Books (one of my favorite publishers). Interesting read from both a professional point and a personal one. I’d recommend that you check it out, and wish Brad all the best with his future endeavors (why? because the dude can write).

My collab projects with Eric Brown are nearing completion (well, one of them is, at least). Kaiju Apocalypse is nearing the end with not too much longer to go. If anybody knows Eric and I, they’ll know that’s a good two days — three, tops. I’m very excited to get this action-packed novella out (my first novella) and focus on our other project — the military SF novel Murderworld (I named it that because I was going for that old time pulp feel. I think it works). Once that’s done, I may try to convince Eric to go back to the Homeworld universe once more.

Who knows? Life is awesome.

Edit: After Brad wrote his piece, Larry Correia offered his two cents on the people at Baen Books as well. I think Brad’s piece was a little more powerful, but Larry has had more experience with Baen. Both items are well worth the read.

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