Lots of Hate

I have one of those migraines everyone keeps going on about. Popped some Advil, so I hope that eventually it’ll go away and I can get to work. However, the lack of writing this morning is a boon for you, intrepid visitor (you’re not, uh, here by accident, right? This was all planned?). A boon for what, I don’t know. But it is a boon!

Boon: noun — 1. a thing that is helpful or beneficial.

Hmm… I might want to rephrase that bit then, right? Nope! Too late! Muwahaha!

(no, I have not been drinking)

I’m plotting most of Kraken Mare right now. I already have the key bits worked out, and the characters drawn (and quartered! …Shut up, brain) out and their roles (and inglorious deaths). I like the main character more than usual (I typically dislike my main character enough to put them through hell before I let them win) and his supporting cast is… colorful. Not Jasmine and Yolo level of colorful, but still interesting.

I’ve been staying away from the news more than normal lately, though I have seen the absolute outrage people seem to be having over the movie American Sniper. Oddly, the same people who are yowling in protest and annoyance over this movie are the same ones who laud Roman Polaski’s movies, so there is that. I’m not entirely sure where the hate towards the movie comes from, since it’s a war movie (and typically people enjoy war movies). I mean, Saving Private Ryan (despite the ridiculousness of it at some points) was highly praised. I dunno, but it seems to me that this is a lot of misplaced hate. There are far worse movies out there to hate on.

Okay, let’s get this started. I have a deadline on this book and I like being paid.

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