Book Cover Reveal

Book cover release. I really love the artwork that accompanies the Sha’Daa series. It’s had some amazing stuff — a lot of which I’ve been a part of. And now, a word from one of my editors…

Coming in early April from Moondream Press (Copper Dog Publishing), the fourth and latest anthology in the dark fantasy, shared-world SHA’DAA series… “SHA’DAA: FACETS”
Featuring 24 chilling tales of the past and present by the following authors:

C.J. Henderson, Edward F. McKeown, John Manning, Arthur Sanchez, Deborah Koren, Wayne Joseph Borean, Jason Cordova, Gustavo Bondoni, Jamie K. Schmidt, Richard Groller, Rob Adams, John Vise, Sarah Wagner, Shebat Legion, Robby Hilliard, Larry Atchley, Jr., Beth Waggoner Patterson, Jeff Barnes, Mallory Makepeace, Hildy Silverman, Terrence Ulysses Cork, Dina Leacock, Allison Chrysler Smith, and Michael H. Hanson

Looks good.

ShaDaa Facets

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