March 16, 2015

Monday Crash

So last night my friends over at eLevate Gaming (the WGLNA – World Gaming League North America, which is the Gold (Professional) League for World of Tanks) won the North American championships, upsetting the #1 ranked team in the process. They were pretty damn awesome and it was fun hanging out and supporting the crap out of them over on Twitch. They’re headed to Poland in April to represent North America in the world championships. Also, as a bonus result, I won a free gaming RIG headset from Plantronic. Doubly cool, since those things run about $100 a pop.

So gaming just got a little more comfortable.

I also woke up this morning hung over — which isn’t fair because I haven’t drank any alcohol in 4 or 5 weeks. I know “life isn’t fair”, but there’s unfair, and then there’s this crap. I guess I got overly excited last night cheering on the guys, I don’t know. Monday’s here and I feel like I’ve been steamrolled by a truck.

On the plus side…. no, no plus side. It totally killed writing for the day. My brain is screaming for a nap but that’s not going to happen.

Maybe I’ll grab some food, pop some Tylenol and get some work done. That usually helps.

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  1. That truck that steamrolled you is headed south because it hit me too.


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