Campbell Award and the Hugos

So it is now official: I’m a John W. Campbell Award finalist (Best New Author).

I’ve known for about 2 weeks or so now and it’s been very, very hard to stay quiet about it. I was thrilled and shocked to get the email. I figured I have a very small chance at making the ballot, but not a huge one due to how many amazing new authors are out there right now. Quite frankly, I figured next year might be my year to make the ballot.

Joining me on the ballot are Wesley Chu (I’m a huge fan, btw), Kary English, Eric S. Raymond, and Rolf Nelson. Of those, the only author I haven’t read yet is Rolf (that will change shortly… he has a free novel up on Amazon that I’m going to look at tonight). So yeah, I’m happy with being a finalist. I don’t care what place I come in.

I’ve been following Twitter since the announcements and… well, it’s very disheartening to see just how many people are labeling me racist, homophobic and a misogynist because I was on the Sad Puppy 3 slate. I mean, sticks and stones and all that jazz, but it still makes me wonder why some people are just so… I don’t know, is butthurt the right word? No… gah, what is the word?

Anyways, instead of lamenting the finalists of the Hugo Awards, perhaps we should be congratulating them? I mean, Jim Butcher and Kevin J. Anderson are finalists in the SAME YEAR! Holy sh*t!! I have no idea who I would put before the other. Throw Ann Leckie into the mix… *shakes head*

That’s one hell of a tough choice right there, folk. Plain and simple.

The other categories might be a little easier when I get my voting packet. I’ve got a lot of reading to do and not a lot of time to do it (must finish novels… and short stories… and edit… argh).

Oh, another thing. The LEGO Movie made it. That made my week. I know that the producers and whatnot probably never pay any attention to the Hugos, but I was thrilled. The LEGO Movie was fabulous and quite underrated by the critics.

(Ah, the word is mitgefühl. Sort of. Not quite, but it’s the best I could come up with. I knew it was the antonym of schadenfreud)

Anyways, congratulations to all the finalists. Now, I’m off to play tanks and celebrate by… finishing up that ZA short story before my editor kills me.

6 thoughts on “Campbell Award and the Hugos

  1. Sorry to hear about the erroneous slurs being made against you, all on the basis of a total stranger recommending your writing for an award. I would be shocked or incredulous, except that I’ve seen too much similar behavior before to be surprised by it anymore. Only disgusted.

    Congratulations on the nomination! Good luck. And I’ve just purchased a copy of “The Dead of Babylon.”

    • Thanks, Laura, though it would be incorrect to label Larry as a stranger. We met at Libertycon in 2013 when we were both guests there, and I’d reviewed a few books of his over at my book review site. He was a very nice guy and showed me how to be a “professional” at a con. Very informative.

      Thanks again. 🙂

  2. I’m sort of unsymphatetic to the whole Rapid/Sad Puppies thing, but congratulations to you nonetheless.

    Do you know at this point what of your works are going to be included in the Hugo voter packet?

    • Thank you. 🙂

      I believe that (waiting on final word from my publishers) “Hill 142” (short story from “Hero’s Best Friend”, from Seventh Star Press) and “Murder World: Kaiju Dawn” (from Severed Press) will be in the packet. I’m not sure when or who to send them to, though.

  3. Congratulations sir I really enjoyed your kaiju story. As for the folks labelling you I know it may not be easy but treat it like water off a ducks back. The “cool kids” are mad because someone else got to sit at their table and they are lashing out. Those who know you know that is crap. Good luck sir.

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