It’s Complicated

I blogged today over at the Mad Genius Club and talked about Books versus Movies. Why that and not the Hugos? Well, two reasons.

One: everyone is talking about the Hugos.

Two: I wanted to talk about Books versus Movies.

See? That is how it’s done. No fuss, just going out and doing something. Anyway, go take a look.

Mad Genius Club

I’m going to talk about something today that is on everyone’s mind and lips. I’m going to talk about that controversial event that is coming up that has some people cheering and gleefully grinning, with others “tsking” and shaking their heads and wagging their fingers at such an abomination and corruption of something pure and great.

Yep, I’m talking Mad Max: Fury Road.

I’m a visual kind of guy. I like to be shown everything and be aesthetically appealed to. I want to be slapped in the face with quality storytelling until I have to file a restraining order against a director or writer. I want to be yanked around similar to a magician working his stage: misdirection, sleight of hand, and then POW! comes the grand reveal, all of which are designed to make you think “Wow, I really should have seen that coming!”

You really should have, because…

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