A Review and an Update

I reviewed David Walton’s Superposition today over at Shiny Book Review. It was a fun little read and really delves into quantum entanglement and resonance (which, for me, is pretty awesome stuff… I should have gone in to physics but I hated math when I was younger. Or my first love, biology). There is a sequel coming out in Septermber called Supersymmetry. I can only guess how the author’s going to top this last novel, though. Both, by the way, are from Pyr Books (a publisher I’ve had my eye on for a few years now as “one to watch”).

Got some more writing done today, specifically on the thrice-curse, still-untitled Zombie Apocalypse story. It’s frustrating me. I usually have a good knack at naming books and short stories (usually). Naming a series is harder, but I can usually manage it. The only thing I’ve managed to come up with that doesn’t make me growl in pain and agony (and still remain puntastic) is What’s Louvre got to do with it? Yes, many kittens died as a result of that one, I’m certain.

Entertainment Weekly has walked back a bit from their designated hit piece on Brad Torgerson, though slight editorial changes haven’t changed the essence of the story. No word yet whether or not the reporter is out of a job. Probably not, as I see a lot of wagon circling about it. I miss the days of journalistic integrity. What happened?

You would think that guys like Brian Williams and Stephen Glass would be examples to avoid and not to emulate.

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