April 12, 2015

Lazy Day

Today is definitely a lazy day.

Birds are singing outside, Casper is lounging in the window and hogging the sun (and Wally is getting mad at him for doing so). I’m going to do some reading and, if I get properly motivated, I might mow the lawn later.

I enjoy Sundays. It’s pretty much the only day that seems to have the universal “siesta” feel to it.

Haven’t written much over the past few days. Working 10 hour shifts are rough on the creative mind. When you’re finally done, you don’t want to engage at all. You just want to go home and sleep (or blow things up online… yay for Tanks). It takes a disciplined individual to come home from work and work some more. This week? I wasn’t that disciplined.

These are some books I picked up at the store the other day (thanks to readers like you, who purchased my books and gave me some spending money). I’ll probably have them all read by Tuesday.

book haul

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  1. Even 8 hr shifts exhaust me. Now that I’m back on 12s, I get nothing at all creative done. I need to find my discipline. It’s hidden in the bedsheets somewhere maybe…


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