Book Release Day!

My short story, A Promise Made, is featured in the latest Sha’Daa anthology, this one titled Sha’Daa Facets. I’m super excited about this one (I wrote this a few years back) and can’t wait to get my copy of it. The print copy is out now, and the ebook should be out soon.

"A Promise Made" - Published 2015

In other news, I finally have some free time to get stuff done, so I’ve been working on my collab projects this morning. Eric has been as patient as a saint (hmm… perhaps that should have said “saint-like with his patience”. I know of some saint who were, shall we say, very get up and go sort of saints) and I promised I would have the first story done tonight (and it looks like that will still happen. Yay!).

Then I also got my schedule for Libertycon 28 (June 26-28 in Chattanooga, TN). I’m very pleased that Eric and I get to have another panel on Kaiju. I’m calling this one the “Kaiju Urban Renewal Project”. Earth-friendly, cost-saving and destruction is entirely organic. What’s not to love?

(I’m seriously thinking of writing a short story about said agency. That would be an absolute riot)

Okay, back to work.

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