Another Story Off

Eric S. Brown and I wrapped up our latest work, The Chosen of the Red God, yesterday and it’s now in the editor’s hands. It’s a little short story we were working on for a few weeks (I struggled with the voice and narrative of it initially, which is what took so long) and now we’re both immensely pleased with the final result. The editor will suggest changes (undoubtedly) but overall, I’m happy with it.

Going to keep grinding away at Kraken Mare today. I realized that I have little over a month to get it finished. Eeeek. On the plus side, more money and a deadline (deadlines rock). Down side? I think the last time I wrote 40K words in a single month was for The Hand of God. I can do it, undoubtedly. It’s more “will I have enough time to have a real life simultaneously?”

That’s probably a no. Hopefully I’ll still have a girlfriend when all this is said and done.

Youtube is quickly becoming my favorite writing music station (weird, right?). People upload 6-8 hours of music in one video and there you go, commercial free music. Very handy. It also has an auto playlist, so it’ll go to the next “video” in your selection, which means a 15 second commercial, then 4-8 more hours of music. Very, very nice.

Right now I’m listening to The Enigma TNG. Good mix of electronic and classical.

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