Eric Flint and the Sad Puppy

Eric Flint dives into the Sad Puppy debate with both feet (again). While I disagree with half of what he says (okay, 3/5ths of it I disagree with), he does make quite a few good points. He makes the mistake of a “separate but equal” award argument but at this point it’s probably not a horrible idea, given the vitriol that has been lobbed at both sides during this fight (and it is a fight, don’t let anyone try to tell you differently). Hell, the Prometheus Award is already out there (an award which goes to the best novel which espouses freedom and liberty).

I’m glad that Eric took Tor editor Irene Gallo to task for calling Sad Puppies neonazis. That’s probably the one and only insult that really, really pisses me off. I can stand being called everything else, but once you go past petty and into full-blown turnip with your insults, then I get angry.

Seriously. Ask around. I’ve kind of teetered between confusion and amusement at all this. Confusion because I’m still trying to figure out how I’m a misogynistic racist whose homophobic tendencies override rhyme and reason. Amusement because the amount of bullshit one would have to peddle to make any of that true could fuel a mission to Mars.

But at this point I don’t think it matters. This is the Internet. People don’t take a step back and think “Holy hell, what the **** am I saying?” very often. More often than not a person will double down and keep flinging poo. I’m guilty of it as much as the next I suppose.

At the end of the day, there is still a divide. Interpretation of what the divide is depends on who is trying to explain it.

11 thoughts on “Eric Flint and the Sad Puppy

    • My apologies that my poo-flinging skills are out of practice. The link to Eric’s fourth (or fifth?) essay on the Hugos and the SP/RP thing are above. The link below is the screen shot I found on various blogs regarding Irene Gallo’s comments.

  1. I’m glad that Eric took Tor editor Irene Gallo to task for calling Sad Puppies neonazis.

    Well there you go – a sure sign that your comment is ignorant and no-one need take you seriously.

    Irene Gallo did not call the SPs neonazis. Look up the word “respectively” in a dictionary some time.

    • No need. I know precisely what respectively means. It was still a broad stoke of the paint brush that she was slathering about without regard as to what sort of harm her own words could do. I’d recommend you go look at R. K. Modena’s recent post over at her site to see just how the word works.

      Even allowing for the “respectively” comment thrown in, there has been more than enough in the public eye to lump both SP and RP together as the same group (kind of like those allegations about how those #Gamergate people founded SP and RP, which I’d see around on the Internet) and cause the reader to make the mental leap that they’re, at least, far right-wing supporters to neonazis. I worked in journalism and I am familiar with this editorial trick to get a rise out of the reader’s emotions, one way or the other.

      R. K. Modena –

      • Even allowing for the “respectively” comment thrown in

        Allowing for the “respectively” comment thrown in, she did NOT say the SPs were neo-nazis, and you were either mistaken or deliberately lied.

        Stop blathering about “getting a rise out of reader’s emotions”. You falsely stated that Gallo SAID SPs were neo-nazis, not that she IMPLIED it.

        Be a man and admit to your error, or be seen as a weasal for deliberately lying about it.

    • Ah, you’re one of those. Why is it that within hours of the thing going viral, you are all saying the same thing and attempting damage control? Hm? Look, she was horribly unprofessional, said something silly in public, and was the straw that broke the camel’s back when it came to Tor for a lot of people.

      For the people watching, since I’m sure this commentator has no inclination to discover the truth, I would suggest that what she said was bad enough without hanging up on the word respectively. Which ironically contains the word respect. If only we had seen that directed toward the customers and authors she was referring to.

    • Why don’t you go look at Eric Flint’s deconstruction of her comment. He’s no Sad Puppy and knows the English language better than most, and he broke it down quite well.

  2. Even if we take the ridiculous hair-splitting surrounding “respectively” seriously, Gallo still called both Puppies groups bad things, then proceeded to call all of the Puppies slate “bad to reprehensible”, including two notable TOR authors in the process. As foot-in-mouth incidents go, it’s spectacular.

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