Dear Book

Dear Corruptor,

it’s been ten years since I first wrote you. Can you believe it? You didn’t take long to write (4 months for 117,000 words) and you simply flowed into being. You had your strengths and your weaknesses, but they were what made you amazing. I look back on you now and think “I should have done this” but believe me when I say that, despite how I ignore you these days in favor of books with fantastical monsters (instead of real-life monsters), your series will be finished and I’m immensely proud of you. I’ve already written your sibling, Obliterator, and both Devastator and Vindicator have already been outlined and detailed. I have not forgotten you.


Cranky Writer

There is something to be said about rereading old works to try and remember what each character was like as you prepare to delve back into a world of your own creation. Dealing with Tori after the events of Corruptor is going to be strange. Part of what made her strong was her belief that people were good at heart. After the betrayal of <<spoiler>> and <<spoiler>>, though, those beliefs may waver. I don’t know. She could cling to those beliefs so desperately that she could ignore the real dangers out there. She’s a strange child.

My knee has gotten worse this past week. I’m going back to the doctor on Wednesday to see why my toe is turning a decided shade of blue. Can’t walk around on it for more than two hours before it feels like I’m stabbing it with a fork. Basically, it sucks.

Haven’t written much this past week. Pain meds give great ideas, but they really take away the drive to write. Or perhaps it removes the discipline to sit here, ignore the Internet (cats! puppies! stupid people running into things!), and actually put words into being. Plus it’s actually been hot this week and, because my office is carpeted (the only room in the house that is, actually), it gets damn hot in here. My next investment will be to rip up the rug and see if I need to put down some hardwood flooring or if this horrid 1960’s rug is hiding some. The joys of home ownership.

I’m also working to update the desktop PC. It’s going to switch over to writing only in the next few months as Gerry and I build me a high-end gaming desktop for my pro gaming stuff. I’m looking at various builds and I think we can do it for just over $1000. The problem is fitting it inside a tower. Part of me really, really wants to design my own tower as well but that involves welding and bending and stuff. No thanks.

Other than that, still working on Kraken Mare and missing that deadline. This’ll be the first deadline I’ve missed. Kinda sad about it. I had one hell of a success streak going with that. I’m setting the next goal to be August 1. That should actually be doable. I mean, it’s already halfway done, I just need to get to the meat part (and write the ending, which I’m still juggling back and forth… for one, I really enjoy the main character and am debating about a sequel, and two… I sometimes don’t want to end the book because I enjoy writing it that much).

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