Torpedo Away

So this weekend Operation Supply Drop  is going to be running another 36 hour charity drive on Twitch (this is the link we used last time; be aware that it could be different and I won’t know until Friday) called Warships: Torpedoes for the Troops, which is a play on our last charity drive, Tanking for the Troops. Last time we managed to raise over $3000 for OSD, and we hope to beat that this time. It’ll be running from Friday at 3pm Eastern (noon Pacific) until Sunday 3am Eastern (midnight Pacific). I’ll be producing it as well as moderating it (because I’m a glutton for punishment, evidently), but not streaming. Not this time, at least.

The cool thing about this, though, is that we’ll be streaming some open Beta of the upcoming World of Warships game, which I’ve been playing for awhile now. It’s pretty accurate as to how naval battles go: five minutes of movement pre-battle, then chaos! Some of the best streamers out there who play Warships will be gaming, showing viewers how to properly use a Japanese destroyer while getting the most out of a devastating torpedo volley as well as how to maneuver a carrier into position to strike with bombers and fighters. This should be a lot of fun and, best of all, it’s for charity!

I have a Mad Genius article due up this Friday. I’ll probably be talking more about OSD and what they do (I need a break from all the Hugo crazy right now). With the readership that MGC gets, we might be able to get more positive attention on OSD.

I’m also looking forward to being featured on Cedar Sanderson’s Eat This While You Read That column, which is going to show off a bit of chorizo pollo that may or may not be a secret family recipe (it’s not a secret). I think this is one of the more clever things that Cedar has done in recent years, combining authors with their favorite dishes to cook. I’m waiting for someone to do a Drink This While You Stumble Through That, but I’m not getting my hopes up too much. I mean, can you imagine someone like David Drake telling you what to drink while reading one of the grittier Hammer’s Slammers novel?

“Bourbon, straight, three fingers. Keep ’em comin’ because this is gonna get ugly.”

…okay, actually, that’d be pretty damn awesome.

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