Rainy Weekend

So apparently Dragoncon was a bit crazy this weekend… while that was going on, I was enjoying the beach. Well, I was enjoying the rain while at the beach. Okay, there wasn’t much enjoyment going on while watching the rain while at the beach.

Should have gone to Dragoncon.

#TorpedoesfortheTroops went off amazingly well, with over $3500 raised in 36 hours. During the “dead dog” shift (0300-0800) Trobsmonkey and I had a lot of fun, got him drunk, and raised quite a bit of money. Thanks for all those who donated to help out Operation Supply Drop. You never cease to amaze me.

Wrapping up my Sha’Daa: Inked short story (“Mother Mine”) and readying to finish up Kraken Mare. After that… well, it’s either going to be Murder World: Kaiju Dusk or Darkling. Not sure.

Have a good evening.

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