Cat Scratch Fever

There is nothing like being woken up in the morning by screaming and grabbing your face because your cat just clawed it’s way across it while running from the dog.

After much blood and some swear words it was decided that I did not need stitches (thankfully) and the worst injury I had was a punctured lip. While painful, it’s not debilitating. It did, however, convince me that I might start closing the bedroom door at night to avoid all of this. I don’t know why the dog hates this one kitten so much. She absolutely dotes on the kitten’s sibling.

Talked to a fellow author the other day and convinced him that we needed to write a book together. I then threw Kraken Mare at him and said “Here, it’s mostly written.” He’s laughing at me but I think he really liked the concept and characters. It’s also his first SF novel. He liked the idea of getting an advance. I like the idea of finishing the book even faster than planned (he writes as fast as I do).

I really should put some neosporin on these cuts…

I’m worldbuilding in Westlande right now. Fun times. One thing I love to do is draw a map. Westlande is so vast that the map is on 6 12″x18″ pages. I think I’m going to tack it up on the wall for reference when I start writing the series. That, though, will come after I finish the sequel to Murder World: Kaiju Dawn and Darkling.

Okay, going to apply anti-bacterial stuff to my face. Last thing I need right now is an infection.

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