Topical Agent for Boredom Seekers

“Hey Jason, you’re going to have Kraken Mare done before the New Year’s, right?”

“Of course!”

*snort* I should have known better than to tempt fate…

I had anticipated on my real-life job lessening the workload come the holiday season (traditionally, that’s what happens, according to everyone else). This year seemed to have been that rare exception, and it left me with little energy or desire to do anything other than sleep after I got off work. Couple that with sporadic days off (I’m in the midst of a 13 consecutive day work week right now) and writing really doesn’t seem too important to me.

Fortunately, I’m blessed with patient co-authors. Eric is working on his solo stuff and giving me space, while Chris is slowly adding more to Kraken Mare while doing other stuff of his own. I still owe a short story or three elsewhere, and the deadline for the anthology I’m editing is fast approaching and I haven’t even started working on my novella for it (though I think that 27 Lost is going to be a perfect fit for it)… man, being a writer and juggling life stuff is tough.

Hopefully I hear back about my background check in the next week and then I can start the new job I am extremely excited about. I finally can get back to working in an environment where I can both help people and teach as well. Plus, it’s not nearly as physically demanding, so I’ll have the energy to write on my days off (which will be consecutive days off, something which I vaguely remember having once upon a time).

No worries about Kraken Mare though… it’s at 75% done and it’s freaking awesome!!! It’s a dark and humorous book that I’m really proud of. I know Chris is excited about getting it out there as I am. Right now we’re probably looking at an April release.

The Preditors & Editors Annual Poll is currently live. The Hand of God, which Eric and I had published last year, is eligible for Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Novel. Vote if you like, or nominate a novel you think is deserving. All you need to vote is a valid email.

40 days until Deadpool comes out… not that I’m counting or anything.

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