As Read By Ryan Reynolds As The Fictional Character Deadpool

I’ve been feeling under the weather the past few days, but that doesn’t really explain my sudden burst of productivity. Over the past four days (counting this morning) I’ve crushed out about 11,000 words on Kraken Mare. That’s pretty good, but this almost always happens whenever I hit a certain word count on a work in progress. I wrote  65,000 words on Corruptor over the course of 13 days, and the final 55,000 words of Wraithkin in 3 days (I don’t ever want to do that again… I slept for two days straight after that incident). I wrote the last 20,000 words of Murder World: Kaiju Dawn in a day (my hands hurt like hell afterwards). It just happens.

Granted, I hate relying on these spurts to close out a novel. I would much rather keep my nose to the grindstone and average 2-3,000 words a day, every day. This way I would, at most, finish a book in 2 months. Now, that doesn’t account for editing or anything like that. This is all first draft stuff.

I was talking with my coauthor last night about this book and I mentioned that we should probably have the title look something like this:

Kraken Mare


Jason Cordova & Christopher L. Smith

(To be read in the voice of Deadpool, as played by Ryan Reynolds)

That’s pretty much the only way to describe this book. It’s insane, but a good insane. I keep waiting for “Shoop” to come one during my writing of the book, for crying out loud.

Yes, both of us will readily admit that we may have watched the trailer to the Deadpool movie a dozen too many times or so.

Once this is done I’ll be shifting mental gears and I’m going to try knocking out Cân Rowan, the short story I owe for an anthology by one of my favorite authors out there. I probably should have made a list of what comes next, but it’s pretty much whoever is paying right now. Which is the way it should be, quite frankly.

I need to get back to work on 27 Lost for the anthology I’m editing, but I’m pushing that back a little due to a few authors having impending deadlines looming. Since I don’t want to lose any of them, I figured I’d be a little more flexible with the submission date.

Okay, enough of a break. My goal is 4,000 words today, and I’m only 25% of the way there.

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