The End Is Nigh!

…for Kraken Mare, at least.

Chris and I locked up the “end” of the main story (one more subplot to tie up) last night and now I’m filling gaps while he’s cleaning up the final fight scene. Which is fortuitous timing: publisher shot me an email today asking for a status update.


My brain has been leaning towards Sellsword’s Valor, which would be my… second? third? foray into the realms of fantasy. Last time I *ahem* cheated and pretty much made it an urban fantasy set in 1918 (Hill 142, for those of you who are mildly curious). While I’ve got the main character down pat, I’m having a little trouble finding secondary characters I like in this world. It’s a harsh world, but a fractured one where realities blend together. Just… bizarre, really.

What’s preventing me from just jumping right in, you ask? I owe a short story to an anthology (it’s almost done as well, actually, but still…) and I need to get with Eric again to finish up the Murder World duology (it’s a word, I swear). Then… wow. There’s a lot of “and then there’s…” coming up.

How did I end up doing this to myself again?

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