Hugo Season

So apparently it’s Hugo season again (didn’t we just do this?), though this year I’m thinking “Yeah, I lost a lot of time and energy last year dealing with that public smear campaign. I’m not even going to pay attention this year.”

Seriously. In 2014 I managed to get a ton of writing done. 2015? Jack squat. Oh, I wrapped up a few short stories, and got most of Kraken Mare done, but when it’s compared to 2014? Nada. Zilch. Zero. Zip.

I liked it better when I was beneath the radar of the most virulent Defenders of Justice and collecting many royalty checks. Don’t get me wrong, I really appreciated being included on so many ballots for the Campbell Award. Yes, this is my second and final year of eligibility, but I really don’t care at this point. As I said earlier, too much energy was expended trying to defend myself and my friends from random attacks and accusations of racism (which still makes me laugh).

I hope my friends do well again this year. I truly do. When I get my voter packet, I’ll read all the works and vote, as I usually do. But getting involved? No thanks. Being nominated? No thanks.

I’d rather just continue to get paid.

3 thoughts on “Hugo Season

  1. Worldcon is going to be held about four hours from my house this year. Once upon a time I would have been excited by that–I can remember signing several petitions to get Worldcon in the Midwest–but after last year’s “Screw You!” performance at Spokane, I have no interest whatsoever in attending.

    I’m starting to see some of the usual campaigning for votes from the big names and they all seem to want to act like Spokane never happened. A few references to the Puppies as a bad element that somehow snuck in through the back door but have now been dealt with, but no acknowledgement of the bloc No Award voting or the humiliating of those who did manage to win, or the secret awards given to those who “should” have won.

    I am just disgusted with the whole circus. The big publishers proved they own the Hugo awards, fine, they can have it. They stopped meaning anything years ago.

    • I was interested in going as well (it’s a 10 hour drive but I’ve done worse for conventions) but after watching what they did to Brad et al last year I’ve decided to hell with it. I have books to write.

  2. I paid for a supporting membership in order to vote, but even though I probably could take vacation time and drive there, I’m not going to do so, either.

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