Book Cover and Update

It’s amazing what you can get done in two weeks.

I turned in THE SONS OF THE LION last Sunday (eight days ago) and then watched as the release for the Cannon Publishing Spring Anthology rocket upwards. I then got to see the new cover for SotL (and I’ll show it to you below). All in all, exciting times.

I went ahead and retitled book 5 of the Kin Wars Saga, primarily for two reasons. The first is that the more I said WARBORN out loud, the less I liked it. Secondly, the title WINTERBORN holds more meaning to me. It’s a great little way to pay homage to my favorite band and have a great title as well.

Hard at work already on WINTERBORN. Yesterday I wrote the prologue and started heavily outlining what needs to happen in this book. Lots of Aurelia and Andrew with just enough of a smattering of other characters to keep the ball rolling.

After that, then I finish VINDICATOR (which I actually started to write on last week but the brain wasn’t having it).

That’s it for this morning. Lots to do this week.

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