Halls Getting Decked

It’s Friday, which means I have friends releasing a book today!

Kevin Ikenberry and Quincy Allen have released Book 1 of the Four Horsemen Sagas branch of the Four Horsemen Universe today, titled ENFORCER. What makes this one really cool is this book is the direct sequel of my book GUNBOAT DIPLOMACY with Jamie Ibson, coming out Jan 3. Not quite sure yet how that’s going to figure into the timeline but Chris Kennedy is a clever guy and will make it work.


I turned in THE CHRISTMAS SURPRISE today and the page setter is at work as I type this. I’m shooting for a December 15 release still so if you want a grade school appropriate chapter book for your young reader this Christmas, this one is just zany enough to make even the dourest adult laugh. I’m thinking this is going to turn into a series I’ll write on the side when I need a break from the “serious” stuff.

I hear the mall area is insane right now. Glad I live 50 miles away from the nearest shopping center, and Amazon delivers. There is no way I’m risking getting my halls decked during this season.

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