The Main Idea

I’ve been officially in wrtier’s mode the past few months. I can tell because I looked back over what I’ve turned in recent weeks.

First there was DAUGHTER OF THE PRIDE, sequel to SONS OF THE LION. Set in the expansive Four Horsemen Universe, I was happy to be able to continue Sunshine’s story and leave it open for another book starring her and the motley new members of the Kakata Korps.

My short story (which quickly turned into a novella) for the WE DARE: SEMPER PARATUS anthology, written with Christopher L. Smith in two parts, was turned in last week. “THE FALLOW FIELDS” are aaaaaaaaaaaaalmost horror, but not quite. It’s alternate history post apocalyptic, but set during the fall into anarchy. Borderline following the rules but it’s really good. I can’t wait to hear what people think about it.

Then Saturday I finally finished the novella for the third part of SHA’DAA — ZOMBIE PARK. Written with Eric S. Brown and Gustavo Bondoni, my novella is titled “CURTAIN CALL“. I titled it this for two reasons. First, because it’s the final act of the three part novel. Secondly, because I think it’s my final Sha’Daa story I’ll be writing. I’ve committed a lot of time over the years writing short stories for the anthologies but as my career has gone away from horror, I’ve been less inclined to write in it. I think this was part of the issue I was having with writing the story for so long. Michael H. Hanson and Ed McKeon are great people to write for and I’ll always be appreciative of the chance they gave me, and the patience and guidance they’ve shown when I’ve struggled.

Yesterday I started in immediately on my short story “APPALACHIA REX” for (hopeful) inclusion in the third BLACK TIDE RISING anthology, which I meant to finish in April. However, deadlines for other projects took precedence (see above). But I’m already 20% done with the story, so I might be able to delve back into writing novels again by next week. Yay!

This is part of the reason why it’s so important to stick to a writing schedule. It keeps the author honest and allows for management of time. Otherwise I’d be sitting around playing videogames all day while wondering what I should do next. The schedule is telling me what I need to do next.

After my BTR short, next up is finishing the fantasy novel I’m co-authoring, then back to the Kin Wars Universe for the first time in almost a year. I’ve got three books to write in that series in rapid succession, but with no other short story obligations coming up I should be able to keep my nose to the grindstone and knock out WINTERBORN by the end of summer, and the next two before Christmas. I’m pretty sure the publisher will be very pleased by this. Then I can come back to the Four Horsemen Universe for… something else. 🙂

Yes, the main idea of being a successful author is to keep busy, why do you ask?

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