#LionWatch Contest

Coming July 10, 2020 from Seventh Seal Press

I meant to post this a few days ago but I decided to hold off until today because we’re just over 30 days away from the release of “DAUGHTER OF THE PRIDE” (July 10), the followup novel to the 2019 Dragon Award Finalist “SONS OF THE LION“.

Last year I ran a competition called the #LionWatch, where you basically tagged me on social media (@warpcordova on both Twitter and Instagram) with the #LionWatch, a picture of a lion of some sort that you took (yes, your house lion counted) and the #SotL #4HU tags were also included. It went over really well and quite a few people won free audio books, challenge coins, print books, and one person is a POV character now in the Kin Wars series since he won the grand prize.

This year we’re doing it again because I have all these challenge coins, and I want to give away 10 of them. The Kakata Korps challenge coins are waiting for you to accept the #LionWatch challenge. Are you up for it?
I know I’m looking forward to giving these away. So here are the rules:

1. The hashtags must have #4HU, #LionWatch, and #DotP (for Daughter of the Pride) in the post. You also should tag @warpcordova on other social media so I can see it. I use the same name across multiple platforms for ease.

2. The picture of your lion must have been taken by you. That being said, get creative with your lion. Last year someone had their toddler dressed up as a lion. The grand prize winner had a video of his house lion trying to steal his breakfast. Another person had a picture of a statue lion guarding a house. All had the hashtags, all were entrants, and I think all of these people won a prize of some sort.

3. You can enter as many times as you like. There are no limits to your entries, but you can only win one coin. If you won a coin last year, you’re still eligible this year. New book, new contest. All winners will be announced July 9 at 7:00PM Eastern when I do a Facebook Live, and I will post the names of the winners as well soon after here in case you missed it. Make sure you contact me to confirm acceptance of your prize!

4. All entrants will be added to the list of potential redshirts for use in either the Kin Wars or another series. I’d use it in the Sunshine arc but she’s not anywhere near Earth at the moment and won’t head that way for a long, long time.

5. Grand Prize Winner: I debated doing this again but realized I couldn’t really work in another main POV character in the Kin Wars, so I’m open to suggestions here. Last year the GP winner received a free print copy of every book I’d written, challenge coin, POV character, and other stuff. This year’s GP winner will definitely receive a challenge coin, and print copies of both DAUGHTER OF THE PRIDE and SONS OF THE LION.

In addition, thanks to the amazing generosity of Richard Waters at Kay’s Log Cabin, the GRAND PRIZE WINNER will receive a free 3 day, 2 night stay at this amazing AirBnB in Riverton, Illinois, where you get to stay and enjoy your book reading in the rustic countryside. Enjoy the amazing views of the pond while sipping your sweet tea or better yet, ask about the bar in the cabin. You heard that right. THE BAR IN THE CABIN.

This does not cover travel expenses or food, merely the stay at the cabin itself. But hey, wanna get away for cheap? This is the perfect opportunity to sit back, enjoy nature, and read a book.

Here’s a link to the cabin so you can get a feel what it’s like. I’m tempted to book a weekend myself just so I can get some writing done!

So what say you? Who’s up for a new #LionWatch?

#4HU #SotL #LionWatch

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