Exciting Update

(Side note before we begin: why is my title font so emboldened, wordpress? I’m not sure I’m liking your “new and improved” look. Kinda reminds me of the train wreck which Facebook turned in to)

This is no April Fools Day joke… or is it?


I’ve been hinting around at a few Sooper Seekrit projects floating around that I couldn’t talk much about because they weren’t official just yet. However, today I got word that one of them is a go.

MONSTER HUNTER MEMOIRS: FEVER, coauthored by myself and New York Times Bestselling author Larry Correia, is a go at Baen Books. This is a series in the same vein as the original MONSTER HUNTER MEMOIRS trilogy coauthored by John Ringo and Larry, though this takes place in the Decade of Disco, the 1970s and features a monster hunter team in California with new faces, as well as old, familiar ones. Those who have read the series can get stupid excited about this, because it ties into stuff coming up in the mainline Monster Hunter series. It also has one of the best fight scenes ever written, hands down.

I might be a little biased…

Not going to lie, this was the hardest secret I’ve ever had to keep in my life. I’ve known for about five weeks or so now, and not being able to blab about it has been painful. I know I’m thrilled about the possibility of this book, and the possible succeeding ones (assuming the sales are decent and worth it for the publisher).

I just need that other Sooper Seekrit project to go through and 2021 will be off to a rocking start.

In other publishing news, I’m participating in the Joint Task Force 13 universe with Three Ravens Publishing. They have a few books already out in the wild, but I proposed a four book series centered around a modern-day demon hunter unit in action in and around the Horn of Africa and the publisher jumped on it. The first book, JACKALS: DAY OF THE DOG, should be done and turned in by… mid May? Around the time when I’ll begin pestering my anthology contributors about the status of their story, if they need a kick in the pants or gentle cajoling, etc. The Jackals quartet (four books) will hopefully open the doors for other authors to get in on the modern day JTF 13 novels. I’m looking forward to seeing what others come up with and I’m really excited about the prospects of this universe.

After I knock out the first book of the quartet (and maybe the second), it’ll be back to the A Cycle of Shadow and Light series. It’s over 55,000 words written at the moment but there were some rewrites my coauthor and I needed to do so I set in to the side for now. So instead of writing I’ve been worldbuilding some more and filling in some history (that painful groaning sound was my coauthor wondering just what the heck I’m doing now with the past…). It’s amazing how much history is in this world since the Dark Dawn alone, and that was a mere… 800+ years ago?

On the home front… no new roof yet. Seriously, this is a pain in the butt. Downside of living in a small town is that any licensed contractors who might be around are so heavily booked you’ll have better odds winning the lottery than having them come out to give you an estimate within a three month window. Speaking of windows, I’m wondering now if I should get those replaced as well. Ugh. Adulting is hard and time consuming. It was a stupid idea, deciding to grow up in a hurry.

Oh, and I’m coaching little league in my copious amounts of free time. This is going to be a fun few months. Not complaining, though. I’m actually looking forward to being busy.

FantaSci is still a go for me, as well as for the convention itself. Things can still change, and our Regional Duke, Blessed by the Gods and Anointed by the One True King (ahem… sorry, state governor) might decide to rain on our parade and make the event a no-go. The situation, as the past year, is rather fluid and uncertain. No wonder everyone’s anxiety is up.

New to my site or me (aka, a Larry Correia fan/hater who is checking this “Jason Cordova” guy out)? Check out WRAITHKIN, the first book in my Kin Wars Saga. It has romance, intrigue, suspense, epic space battles, mech suits, honor, loyalty, and most important of all, family bonds. Pick up a copy today.

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