Wyvacon Weekend

This weekend’s Wyvacon schedule looks pretty exciting. I know I’m looking forward to a good time.

Bonus — Wyvacon has said that anyone under the age of 16 gets in for free with one adult paid admission. So if you pay for your ticket, your three kids get in for free. It’s that family-friendly.

It’s Wyvacon Weekend!


10:00AMBreakout Room 1/2 — Kickoff w/ GoH Jason Cordova: We’re going to be just kicking things off here. No idea what we’ll talk about. Basically, I’m just going to be wishing everyone a great time while letting the Board of Directors welcome everyone.

11:00AMBreakout Room 1/2 — Mad Libs with Jason Cordova: Mad Libs are always fun. Since I’m keeping this PG-13 at the most, we’re going to be doing some creative things. Who knows? We could even build up a plot for a book!

3:00PMBreakout Room 1/2 — Four Horsemen Awesomeness with Jason Cordova: What’s the Four Horsemen Universe (4HU), you ask? It’s only one of the hottest properties in publishing at the moment, with almost 70 books in print from 20+ authors and no signs of slowing down. It’s on Kindle Unlimited as well, so you can read all of them on KU for free.

Cards Against Humanity at the pub with Jason Cordova (Guest Judge). I think this starts at 7pm at 7 Dogs Brewpub in Wytheville. 18+ please. I may or may not be impartial during the judging period.


11:00AMBreakout Room 1/2 — Future projects with Jason Cordova: This is probably going to be a good one. I’ve got SO MANY FREAKING PROJECTS right now that we’ll have no problems with filling up the entire hour with what the heck I’ll be doing next. From 4HU books to Kin Wars to Monster Hunter Memoirs, we’ll be covering quite a bit.

12:00PMBreakout Room 1/2 — Mad Libs with Jason Cordova: I’m totally going to hijack this panel and talk to new and aspiring authors who want to get into the business but can never seem to get past the “gatekeepers”, including a huge push for my publishers on how to get in with them. Yes, spreading insider information on how to get published is my jam.

1:00PMBreakout Room 1/2 — Nerf Fun: I get to shoot people? AWESOME! I promise not to dance over your corpse like in GTA V.

2:00PMBreakout Room 1/2 Closing Remarks with Jason Cordova: We won’t be getting together and singing kumbaya, but at least we’ll get to talk about how AWESOME Wyvacon was and talk about what’s going to happen next year (hint: I won’t be the GoH but I will be attending. They can’t get rid of me that easily. Cordova in Spanish means fungus. Really).

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