5 (More) Authors You Should Be Reading

Yesterday's post was actually quite the hit, though you can imagine just how many people responded to me privately with "why wasn't so-and-so on the list?" Plus, nobody got mad at me about the clickbait headline. Go me! (editor's note: if you're going to steal this list, please acknowledge where it came from. I appreciate... Continue Reading →

5 Authors You Should Be Reading Right Now

Ugh, that is such a clickbaity headline, I'm tempted to change it before I hit "publish". If it still says "5 Authors You Should Be Reading Right Now" then congratulations, you've seen that my trollishness outweighs my maturity level by a factor of ten. A few on this list are brand new. Others have been... Continue Reading →


I'm still recovering from this crazy weekend (why are my weekends insane and weekdays dull and boring?), but a brief rundown has it at this: Days: 2 Hours worked: 42 Words written between real job and acting job: 3,000 Years off life: -5 I'm really looking forward to a day off soon.

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