Moving Day Is Close

Not that I’m counting or anything, but I’m eight days away from moving out of my house and to another state. I’m super excited about moving for my new job. However, there’s a little sentimental attachment I have to this place. My current house goes up for sale in a few weeks, if not sooner and is the longest I’ve ever stayed anywhere in my life — a little over 7 years. One of the many downsides of living in a ton of group homes growing up is the constant moving. You never really learn how to make friends because you know there’s no point because you’re leaving again soon anyway. This, as well as just being a natural introvert anyway, means I really don’t know a lot of people in town (though they probably know me, not sure) and I’m only really going to miss a few people.

It shows in my writing, but not in the way people would expect. Instead of having the loner type, I try to focus more on the main character building relationships to help them reach their goal. Now, it sometimes comes down to a hero’s last stand, but the journey for the main character is almost always helped along the way by a group of allies and friends. Sometimes, even a potential future adversary.

Plus, it allows me to focus on my strengths as a writer (dialogue and interaction) while masking my weaknesses (transitional scenes).

What? Don’t look at me like you just stepped on something wet at 3 AM while walking barefoot in the kitchen. Every writer should know where they excel, and what needs improvement.

On that note, I need to get more done on THE EXECUTIONERS before I leave. It’s almost done (at 95,000 words right now) but I just need to tighten up a few more scenes before I turn it in. I’m a week late but I think the publisher understands why it’s delayed. My coauthor has been patient with me, thank God. This moving/remodeling/packing thing has eaten far more time out of my writing schedule than I thought it would.

Speaking of, have you heard of today’s sponsor? DEATHLORDS, Book 3 of the Kin Wars.

“For indeed, the Son of Man is going as it had been determined; but woe to that man by whom He is betrayed!” – Luke 22:22

Gabriel Espinoza’s loyalty had never been called into question, yet a dagger had been slid into his family’s back by outsiders. Gabriel has had his revenge, but it came at such a cost that it might be more than the Dominion can pay. He believes he has nothing left to fight for, save a child he cannot claim as his own.

Christine Dai is a wanted woman. While she doesn’t understand why she is being hunted by the agency she had once called her second family, she knows she has two children to protect—the child growing within her and the terrifying niece of the man she loved.

Andrew Espinoza knows where his loyalties lie. However, two distinct aspects battle for his mind and soul. Above All Else, Family Remains was the single tenet of the Espinoza family. Yet if he wants to truly save the Dominion of Man, he will have to be something more than a spy—and someone else entirely.

Betrayal is the only truth which remains for them. A bitter truth, yet it is better than a lie.

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