Crazy Train to the South

What a crazy few weeks it has been!

Packing up to move was an adventure, to say the least. It was one of those last-minute “Oh crap, we’re leaving in 3 days and we’re not finished packing!” sort of things. 1 star out of 5, do not recommend. But with the help of our friends Mike and Ashley (the latter of whom collaborated with me on a short story in the forthcoming CHICKS IN TANK TOPS anthology), we somehow managed to get everything packed and loaded onto the big U-Haul truck in time for the move south. The drive down was actually not too bad and while we’re still unpacking down here, we’re beginning to settle in nicely enough. Even the cats are doing well. Well, Casper is. Curly is hiding a lot, but since it was his first move it’s somewhat expected. Still, they like the view of the woods behind us and the neighbor downstairs keeps her bird feeders filled, much to the enjoyment of the cats.

My new job at Baen Books is interesting. Learning the ins and outs of traditional publishing, after being indie for so long, has been eye opening. Not in a bad way, let me be clear. Just little things I took for granted as an indie author are my responsibility now, and I need to watch for. It’s fascinating, and a little intimidating. But still, it’s the coolest job ever.

On the writing front… not much has been going on. Moving has thrown my out of my rhythm, but this morning I was able to get 2,000 words down on a short story I owe. I’ll be working on THE EXECUTIONERS tomorrow (it’s almost finished) and them polishing off WINTERBORN as well next week. Then I have to get ON A CLOUDY DAY done as quickly as possible (which should be easy — I’ve had it outlined and ready for six months now) so I can crush the remaining Kin Wars books out in rapid succession (by May at the absolute latest). After that comes either MONSTER HUNTER MEMOIRS: FEVER (the first draft is done and in my coauthor’s hands, so not a lot to do there), the Salvage Imperium trilogy, or a secret project I’m prepping with a new coauthor. 2022 is going to be a busy year.

I also have something else in the works, a bit of a surprise. I’ll be revealing it in the coming weeks, but I think everyone is going to be thrilled. I know I am.

You know what else is thrilling? This week’s sponsor, WRAITHKIN, Book One of the Kin Wars.

Fate is a cruel, fickle mistress.

Torn away from his one true love, Gabriel Espinoza will burn the galaxy to get her back. But doing so first means joining the enigmatic Wraith Corps, where he is thrust to the forefront of a terrible war against an alien threat. The only path to saving her is over the dead bodies of the invaders—if he survives.

Light-years away, his brother, Special Agent Andrew Espinoza, is recruited by a clandestine intelligence agency known only as Project Jericho. He must go deep undercover to find a dangerous threat to the Dominion of Man and eliminate it before it’s too late.

One brother fights to save his love, another to defend his nation, and both to save human civilization.

Available for free on Kindle Unlimited.

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