Audiobook is out! January was nuts!

January has been one busy month!

As you know, Bob, CHICKS IN TANK TOPS came out January 3 and continues to do well. Response has been amazing and the authors all contributed awesome stories for it. I’m hoping it does well enough that I can do a second one. Esther and I already have the title. 😀

January 13 the fourth book in the Kin Wars was released in Germany. HAUSWACHE (that’s HOMEGUARD for those of you playing at home) is being snapped up by German readers, which is great. Gotta love it when a plan comes together.

Then on January 28 the first book in my two-part collaboration with Kevin Ikenberry came out. ON A CLOUDY DAY has been kicking butt on Amazon (indeed, we were giving Salman Rushdie’s newest novel a run for the money before Amazon’s algorithms decided they didn’t want us knocking off a multiple NYT bestselling author from the category) and the reviews have been amazing. We’re still on track for a March 10 release of THE MISFITS, part two of the collab. We’re stupidly excited for this and can’t wait to see this one out.

Today the audiobook for THE EXECUTIONERS (coauthored with Matt Novotny) was released on Audible. This book came out last spring and destroyed all expectations, and is almost at 250 reviews already. Awesome, right?

This is nuts! Publishing isn’t supposed to work this quickly!


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