Book Finished and Cover Reveal

Kevin Ikenberry and I turned in THE MISFITS late last night to our publisher, which is the direct sequel to ON A CLOUDY DAY. This will conclude a roughly 27 book and anthology story arc which began for both of us way back in the first Four Horsemen universe anthology A Fistful of Credits, edited by Chris Kennedy and Mark Wandrey in… 2017. My story (“Paint the Sky”) and Kevin’s (“Stand On It”) set up our character’s storylines for the next 6 years — though neither one of us could have imagined it at the time. Indeed, Kevin almost immediately after delved into PEACEMAKER, while I eventually got around to writing SONS OF THE LION a year or so later. I don’t think either of us imagined those books would lead us to this point with the completion of THE MISFITS.

Of course, the day we turned in THE MISFITS was the day I received word that I was allowed to show off the cover for my next project with New York Times Bestselling author Larry Correia, MONSTER HUNTER MEMOIRS: FEVER. The preorder is already up at both Amazon and Barnes & Noble, even though neither of them have the cover to show off.


Then Jamie Ibson, coauthor, amazing writer, and budding cover artist extraordinaire created a nice little cover for my short story (soon to be expanded into a novelette for sale on Amazon), HILL 142. Originally published way back in 2014 by Seventh Star Press in the Hero’s Best Friend anthology, HILL 142 is an alternate reality WW1 story which takes place during the Battle of Belleau Wood between US Marines and the German Empire. It was one of those stories I loved writing and remains one of my favorite short stories I’ve ever written.

Yeah, that’s a cavalry officer in a gas mask riding a lion. You have to read the story to understand.


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