FantaSci Schedule

I’ll be at FantaSci on March 24 — 26, 2023 in Durham, NC. I might be pain-addled (and drug-addled), depending on if I have surgery the week before. It’s a pretty busy FantaSci this year (yay!), so if I am running to another room and can’t talk for more than a few seconds, I apologize in advance.


  • 3:00 — Where’s My Muse When I Need Her? (aka Dude, Where’s My Muse?) *Mod — Rob Howell **Panelists — HY Gregor, Kevin A. Davis, Patrick Chiles, Me, C.V. Walter
  • 5:00 — Turning Tropes on their Head *Mod — Me **Panelists — Alyssa Hazel, Declan Finn, Jo Boone, Richard Hailey, Jacob Holo
  • 9:00 — Jolene’s Dating Game **sigh**


  • 12:00 — Worldbuilding *Mod — HP Holo **Panelists — Howard Andrew Jones, Bill Mulligan, Jon R Osborne, Me, Mark Stallings
  • 2:00 — The Baen Traveling Road Show (2 Hours)
  • 5:00 — Dragons Across Cultures *Mod — Richard A Knaak **Panelists — Jo Boone, Mark Stallings, Me, J Edwards Holt, Mike Jack Stoumbos
  • 6:00 — Researching for your Story *Mod — Howard Andrew Jones **Panelists — Jacob Holo, Me, Patrick Chiles, Robert E. Hampson, D. T. Read
  • 9:00 — So Sh*t There I Was… *Mod — JL Curtis **Panelists — Mike Morton, Kelly Grayson, Gregory Gagnon, Kal Spriggs, Me, Casey Moores

FantaSci Rocks


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